Tony Roncketto [alias T’shizzle]-  Guitar and Vocals
“Love one woman, love many guitars!”

Like the other members of RVS, Tony fell asleep sometime in the late 80’s after imbibing an unusually large amount of a certain “fermented beverage”.

Upon waking after the turn of the century, he was saddened to learn that [in his opinion] the music had indeed, as Don McLean so eloquently put it years before, died.   He wandered and gigged aimlessly for several years in a Buddy Holly/Drew Carey tribute band.  Although he loved Buddy Holly’s music, he remembered there was soooo much more great music to share; James Brown, The Beatles, The Commodores, Van Morrison, Kool and The Gang, Eric Clapton, Earth/ Wind and Fire, Wild Cherry, Otis Day and the Nights, my goodness, it goes on and on.  He searched high and low for like-minded guys who shared a passion for great music.  After looking in the low places, he found four to proudly call ‘brother’.  Together, they spread the Gospel of groove as “Rip Van Shizzle”.