Steve Abell – Bass and Vocals.

Steve Abell was found under a toadstool in northern Ohio.  He started playing guitar and piano at an early age, but focused on bass in high school because a local band needed a bass player.  He played in bands with names like “The Jerks” (they were) and “Contraband” (there was plenty) – and slugged it out playing bars and clubs in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Steve moved to Western Arkansas where his family had relocated from Ohio.  As he started a career in business, Steve also played the Tulsa club circuit with his two brothers.  That lasted until the business world needed more time and he kept music in the closet for the next 20 years.

Moving to Little Rock in 2006 brought Steve into Tony Roncketto’s relentless search for musicians in low places with a passion for great music.  He decided to give it another whirl – for fun.  As other brothers united, Rip Van Shizzle awoke and was born around great music to spread the Gospel of Groove!